About Us

Apex Associates LLP is a boutique accounting practice which was founded in 1998. Since then, we have provided a personalised service to hundreds of local companies, sole traders and self-employed individuals around The UK.

We attribute our substantial yearly growth to our specialist expertise, hard work and professionalism.

You will find that by specialising, Apex Associates understands the challenges facing:

Pro-Service Providers
Healthcare Specialists

Within our team, we have decades of experience and knowledge, not just in accounting but also in business growth.  We will show you what works in your industry and point out the pitfalls which await unwary business owners.

We do not advise on things outside of our area (e.g. marketing, sales, operations, etc), but we do know what actions will maximize your profitability and help your business grow.  It is these two things that set us apart from other accountants

Some accountants try to help their clients with everything including sales, marketing, legal advice, operational procedure, in-house training etc.  Accountants are not specialists in these areas and so these things usually go wrong.  RSM Tenon, the seventh largest accounting firm in the UK, moved into business advisory services and went into insolvency in August 2013.

Other accountants purely focus on accounts and tax.  They are all about compliance and tax.  This is quite probably because they do not understand how to grow a business and just want to focus on the figures.  This is better than offering a service they are not expert in but your accountant should be helping you to achieve your business goals- whether this is growth, more profit, less time at work and more with the family etc.


Jun 13, 2024

Advice for charities to concentrate on their positive work

The Charity Commission has recently concluded its regulatory compliance case into the Actors’ Benevolent Fund and has drawn out some lessons that can benefit all charities.
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Jun 12, 2024

More indicators of a cut in interest rates to come

The Bank of Canada announced a cut of a quarter of a percentage point to its key interest rate last week, bringing the rate down to 4.75%.
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